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Star Shooter 1.0

Star Shooter 1.0 is a 3D Turret Space Shooter for Windows
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Star Shooter 1.0 is a 3D Turret Space Shooter for Windows.
The program offers you to change some options before starting to play, like video quality and resolution, special effects and audio.

In the game, you control four lasers with the same aim. You move the whole turret with the mouse, positioning your enemies into the aim. Then, you must destroy them shooting with the left mouse button.

You´ll be aided by an alarm that will warn you when the enemies space ships are approaching, located in the bottom area of the screen. You can them freely move your turret using every axis till you find them. It´s better to kill your enemies when they are still far from you, because if they are near, they can reach you with their weapons, and harm you with their debris when destroyed.

You will be able to see if the enemy spaceship is aiming to you, and its damage level.

Sometimes, you will get some power-ups, like for example a time retarder. When you destroy a wave of enemies, after destroying their mother ship, your mission is accomplished, and you can go to the next mission.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a very attractive game, with great playability, wonderful 3d graphics and nice sound. Putting the video options before the game begins is a wise solution to avoid graphics card conflicts. It´s free


  • None
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